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First event and gathering on the topic of the history of Estonian Buddhism has become true. In Estonia we already have Buddhist literature , which has piled up during decades, translated by enthusiasts and Buddhists. We even have examples of Buddhist architecture in the form of stupas on Estonian soil. It may be said that it smells like we have a Buddhism in Estonia. Here we can also add Buddhist thankas and sculptures made by Estonian Buddhist Fellowship some time ago. Projects for Buddhist monasteries have been created. For example the first designer was Leo Lapin, who made a project for Estonian Buddhist Fellowship intending to build the first monastery.

We can freely speak of such phenomenon as Buddhist on Estonian soil, which by now already has decent history and it seems to me that we are in fact obligated to speak about the topics of Estonian Buddhist history. The reason behind this conference is the need to research and acknowledge Estonian Buddhist history, persons linked to Estonian Buddhism and events in Estonian history related to it. As Estonia is not the only country here, on the shores of the Baltic Sea, where Buddhists live – there are some in Finland, Russia and Latvia as well – it is only natural that neighbors gather together and review what they have to say on this topic. Therefore – welcome neighbors.

Buddhism and Nordland 2010 – Program

DAY 1 – Thursday, 23 September 2010

* 10.30 Check-in
* 11.00 Opening of the conference “Buddhism and Nordland 2010”
* 11.30-12.30 Presentations

o Allan Fotheringham, Sweden – “What has Buddhism to Offer in Modern-Day Sweden and Who is Interested in it ?”
o Buda Badmayev, Russia

* 12.30-13.30 Coffee break
* 13.30-15.00 Presentations

o Ven. Zhen Chan, Thailand -“A Survey of Contemporary Buddhist Educational System in the Countries of Southeast Asia”
o Pekka Airaksinen, Finland -“ Buddhist Darma Centre – 30 Years of Practice in Finland”
o Audrius Beinorius, Lithuania – “An Application of Buddhist practice of Mindfulness in Contemporary Western Psychotherapy”

* 15.00-15.30 Coffee break
* 15.30 -17.00 Presentations

o Håkan Wahlquist , Sweden – “Religious Institutions in Inner Mongolia, as Documented by the Sino-Swedish Expedition 1927-35
o Natalia Bolsokhoeva, Buriatya – “Ch.D.Iroltuev – Pandita Khambo, Lama, Philosopher, Founder the Ashagat Manba Datsang and Emchi.”
o Vladimir Korobov, Lithuania – “Bodhicitta: Transformations in Body and Transformations in Society”.

* 18.30 Optional: Dinner with participants

DAY 2 – Friday, 24 September 2010

* 11.00-12.30 Presentations

o Pei-Ying Lin, England – “The Syncretism of Chan Buddhism and Precepts: Formation of Chan Ideology in the Ninth Century”
o Alexandre Andreyev, Russia – “Some Reflections on Buddhist Art Collecting and Collectors in Russia in the 18th-early 20th C”
o Ieva Rute, Lithuania – “Yungdrung Bön in the West”

* 12.30-13.30 Coffee break
* 13.30-15.00 Presentations

o Chunyang Zhou, Germany – “The Concept of “Names” from “Nièpán Wúmíng Lùn”
o Andrey Terentyev, Russia – “Some New Quantum Physics Theories in Buddhist Perspectives”
o Mitra Härkönen, Finland – “Tibetan Khampa Nuns in the Changing Society”

* 15.00-16.30 Coffee break
* 15.30-16.30 Presentations

o Natalia Yakhontova, Russia – “The Epithets of Buddha”.
o Rigdzin Dorje, Italy -“ Dzogchen, the Transcultural Vehicle, Encounters with the Elements of the North”

* 18. 00 Optional: Guided tour in Tallinn

DAY 3 – Saturday, 25 September 2010

* 11.00-12.30 Presentations

o Marika Laudere, Latvia -“Social Activities of Buddhists in Latvia”
o Mait Talts, Estonia – “Karlis A.M. Tennisons and Friedrich V. Lustig – first Buddhists in Estonia“
o Sharad K. Soni, India – “Some Reflections on Buddhist Factor in Relations between Tibetans and Mongols.”

* 12.30-13.00 Coffee break
* 13.00-14.30 Presentations

o Irina Bitkova, Estonian Roerich Society – “Buddhism in the Works of Roerichs”
o Naran Dugarjav, Mongolia – “The Spread and Domestication of Buddhism in Mongolia”
o Vaijayanti Khare , Nepal – “Stupas in Nepal

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