The non-profit International Association of Health, Research and Welfare (IAHRW) is proud to announce the 3rd issue of its Monthly Magazine- PsyInsight. The magazine is monthly and theme based featuring informative and focused articles from experts nationally and internationally. Each issue is launched with a core purpose of bringing a gradual social change towards several socio-cultural taboos and issues. The next issue will focus on MANAGING STRESS for HEALTHY LIVING. If you like to be considered as Guest Author for this issue, please consider that the last date for submission is 15th October 2010. One key request to all the authors is to restrict the article length to 700- 1000 words (2 pages).

1. Individual, familial, social and workplace Risk Factors for Stress
2. Individual, familial, social and workplace Assessment of Stress
3. Indigenous therapy for Stress Management
4. Music and Stress Management
5. Yoga and Stress Management
6. Art and Stress Management
7. Theatre and Stress Management
8. Importance of lifestyle change
9. Spirituality and Stress Management
10. Positive Psychology Interventions in Stress Management

To submit your article proposal, please contact Ms. Sugandh Gupta (

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