We received this news from Ran Zilca, CEO and founder of Signal Patterns, and we are happy to share it with you. Well done Ran!

Ride Of Your Life is the story of a journey: a solo motorcycle trip from New York to California, going through individual cities and along the way interviewing world-renown scholars, coaches, researchers, authors, and spiritual leaders, in a quest for happiness, enlightenment, and inner peace. It is also the story of everyone’s journey through life, and describes five broad principles  – The Five Steps for Finding Inner Peace – that you can implement every day in your own journey. The journey, the interviews, and the insights of Ride Of Your Life will be published in a book by the same name late 2010.

You can join Ran Zilca on the Ride Of Your Life on RideOfYourLife.com

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    Your site looks outstanding, I can tell how much time you have put into it. I hope you have a good day!

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