We usually feel better when we are with people we respect, than when we are in unpleasant environment. This shows we are the first ones to benefit when we act properly with other people: the benefits of our action may take long to have positive effects on others, however they have immediate positive effects on us.

Building respect for people and beings is beneficial to us, and we can do it by:
– making the first step. Let’s not wait for others to act respectfully, let’s start doing it ourselves;
– recognizing everyone is special, without taking anyone for granted. We like to be recognized for who we (think we) are, and so do other people. Recognition is the start of a great personal relationship, or at least a respectful one;
– being an active listener. The “active” part comes quite naturally, so let’s remember also the verb “listening” which is what builds a climate of trust, the foundation of any positive human contact;
– being honest, to us and other people. Being honest to us means acknowledging other people know better what is good for them, without forcing our solutions into their lives; all we can do is to listen and, if they want us to, facilitate their discovery/choice process. Being honest to people mean acting properly with them, take only commitments we can reasonably expect to be able to deliver and tell our honest opinion when asked to.

This is an excerpt from our book: A course in happiness and well-being

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