Thanks to Brandon Peele, author of Reasonhood, for sharing his text below:

here’s the gist of Reasonhood per the AmAre framework…

Aware (Being): The key peice of Reasonhood, is an inexhaustible flame of reason.  It extends the scope of reason beyond the external physical world into the realm of one’s own subjective personality.  It illuminates perception and its flaws, knowledge and its lack of any absolute grounding .

Meditating: The result of the engulfing reason, is cognitive relativity, ambiguity and unearthing.  More often than not this produces existential angst and if lucky, the dark night of the soul, from which the phoenix of pure awareness arises.  Meditative states become more spontaneous and prevalent, often accompanied by intense gratitude and radical acceptance.

Active (Being): Generally, an alignment occurs whereby divine inspiration drives action.  A purposeful, yet light and playful vector is set whereupon the word “work” has no meaning and action becomes an expression of spiritual unfolding.

Respectful (Being): The relativity, acceptance and gratitude produces a holism that embraces and understands reality and its inhabitants.  Seeing a variety of characters at different stages of progression towards greater fulfillment, and benefiting from the frequent meditative states enables an equanimity and openness to all and their paths.

Eating (properly): During this evolution towards greater levels of wholeness, decisions which produce the least negative consequences over the long run are preferred.  Treating oneself and  others respectfully generally produces a reticence to needless harm or destruction.

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