How do you define success in the “job” of parenting? How do you balance the “full time job” of being a parent with employment outside the home and taking care of yourself? How has the life of a “householder” been a benefit or an obstacle to your spiritual growth? How has a spiritual view influenced difficult decisions or challenges in parenting? What teachings or prayers come to mind when you are with or thinking about your child? What teaching do you understand in new or different ways since becoming a parent? How can spiritual communities provide support to families and children?

A panel of Maitripa community parents will explore these questions and then invite open discussion with everyone in attendance. All are welcome. Panelists will include Carina Rumrill, mother of teenagers and a toddler and Managing Editor of Mandala Magazine, the official publication of FPMT; Diane Rowley, Principal of the Portland Waldorf School, a parent educator, former kindergarten teacher and mother of three children; and other community parents.

Maitripa College
1119 SE Market St.
(cross street SE 11th;
3 blocks south of Hawthorne)
Portland, Oregon 97214

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