Kirtan is an important aspect of yoga. Just as a cake is incomplete without sugar – so too is yoga incomplete without kirtan. And, as with any practice – it’s always better to experience it completely and in whole – not just in part. This kirtan or chanting helps one to connect with themselves and something higher – helping focus the mind and achieve the true harmony between mind, body and spirit and creating a balance we can but dream of.

Kirtan is not religious chanting, nor is it repeating just one word over and over again. It is part of the Yoga of Sound – in which you produce sound waves and follow them with your awareness – think Ommm! This vibration helps focus your mind and raise your consciousness. Add in some amazing instruments, your friends and imagine what a whole kirtan can accomplish.

By singing and participating in kirtan, you are able to withdraw yourself from the body and your external environment and focus on something higher, something more peaceful. Just as in a yogic pose – this detachment helps to complete the pose and achieve balance. Participating in kirtan with or without yoga frees the mind and brings the much sought after feeling of freedom from the daily grind.
:: Say the words ::
:: Repeat :: Faster :: Louder ::
:: Experience the freedom ::
:: It’s the heart, not the Art ::

Although kirtan involves music; the art of kirtan is not about what your musical ability is – it’s all about what ‘s in your heart. Everyone can participate; everyone can feel that connection with the self and something higher, which we all seek. That is the purpose behind kirtan; to take us out of our heads and into our hearts.

Not only does this make us feel better, stress free and lively – it promotes this healing, the higher awareness in our community by bringing together people from all walks of life to come and move forward together.

Experience the sounds and sights of Kirtan Vancouver on Saturday August 13th in 2nd Beach Stanley Park, Downtown Vancouver.

Jeffrey Armstrong is Vancouver’s yoga and Kirtan center point. Jeffrey is a professional speaker, award winning author and founder of VASA, Vedic Academy of Science & Arts. He is a scholar of the Eastern teachings including Vedanta, Raja Yoga, and Mantra practices; having been initiated into these by Masters of these traditions. He has spent the last 35 years committed to yogic practices including Martial Arts, Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda. Armstrong combines the best knowledge of the East into a complete system of practice which integrates practical tools for transformation in the areas of our spiritual and personal lives. He has degrees in Psychology, History & Comparative Religion, and Literature.

He has travelled internationally to major universities, ashrams and corporations as well as to yoga and health spa conferences, teaching about the Vedic culture. In addition, Jeffrey has also published countless books and recorded multiple seminar cds.

“Kirtan Vancouver” is proud to present Jeffery Armstrong as our Master of Ceremonies for the evening.

Acclaimed as one of the most beautiful voices in the Vaishnava tradition, DASI Karnamrita is an immensely talented vocalist and teacher in the ancient tradition of Bhakti Yoga.

Raised in an Ashram community in the United States, she has a deep relationship with Bhajans and Kirtans from early childhood. At the age 24, she began formal classical training with her Guruji, Pandit Vidur Mallick in the small village of Vrindaban in North India. Under his guidance, she studied for nearly a decade, the ancient and rigorous art known as Dhrupad. After his passing, she took further guidance from Maestro Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, in San Rafael, California, where she now resides.

Having intimately practiced and studied these arts; her singing and music combine vibrations and the art of sound, into a rare and deeply transformative practice. For the last eight years, she has toured extensively around the world, delighting audiences everywhere she goes.

Her album DASI: Prayers by Women has won many awards and received great acclaim.

Bhakti Kalalayam means Devotional Arts Refuge.

In the ancient Sanskrit language, the word “bhakti” means devotion. But in a more nuanced definition, “bhakti” means devotion that is performed as a loving service. The word “seva” also means service.

Thus, the Bhakti Dance Seva Ensemble is a group of talented and disciplined dancers in the art form of Bharatanatyam dance who are dedicated to presenting the culture of devotion to the Lord through dance.

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