How do you get listed in the Social Register? There’s an anonymous admissions committee to be listed in the Social Register. If you can get five people who are already in the book to nominate you, or get married to a listee, you’ve got a chance. Screening ensures that the people who make it in aren’t merely rich, they’re “elite”.

The Social Register was first published in 1887 in New York and that there were separate editions in major cities until 1977, when everything was consolidated into one national book, published annually in two editions: the main one in November, and a summer version in May.

In addition to the main listing, there are various special sections such as Births, Deaths, and Marriages.

Higley confirms what everybody suspected: the Social Register is heavily skewed toward old money and the East Coast. The seaboard states from Maine to Virginia account for two-thirds of the listings, with nearly one-third located in just two states, New York and Pennsylvania. The so called “New money” is grossly underrepresented.


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