If policy-makers consider health concerns “alone” not enough to act, an additional call for action comes from reports like The Economic Impact of Obesity in the United States (by Ross A. Hammond, Director, Center on Social Dynamics and Policy Ruth Levine, Research Assistant) published by Brookings, which says in its abstract: “obesity has grown into a major global epidemic. In the United States, more than two-thirds of adults are now overweight and one-third is obese. […]- Research to date has identified at least four major categories of economic impact linked with the obesity epidemic: direct medical costs, productivity costs, transportation costs, and human capital costs. […]. Although more comprehensive analysis of costs is needed, substantial economic impacts of obesity are identified in all four categories by existing research. The magnitude of potential economic impact underscores the importance of the obesity epidemic as a focus for policy and a topic for future research.

This is an excerpt from our book: A course in happiness and well-being

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