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Love and Its Disappointment: The meaning of life, therapy and art” has been found to be lucid and helpful. Endorsements include:

Robert Wicks, Author of Riding the Dragon (Sorin Books) and The Resilient Clinician (Oxford University Press). Catholic. Professor, Loyola University Maryland: In Love and Disappointment David Brazier calls us to see what is at the core of life in refreshing, vitalizing ways. He offers new insights that seminal thinker Carl Rogers might have offered himself if he were alive today. It is thought provoking, nourishing of the inner life, and ideal reflective material for both professionals and searchers seeking to live “the honourable life”. This book is about the possibility of love in a world that fails to really recognize the true import of its motivating force. Brazier’s approach not only educates and helps us think differently but also, in Iris Murdoch’s words, it ” inspires love in the part of us that is most worthy.” What more can you ask of a book than this?

Gregg Krech, Buddhist, author of Naikan: Gratitude, Grace and the Japanese Art of Self-reflection; and of other books on Naikan and Constructive Living: Wise, insightful, compassionate observations that teach us that we find love not in ourselves but in that which we are devoted to. Brazier has created a thought-provoking paradigm in which love, art, spirituality and psychotherapy attempt to dance together to the symphony of life’s meaning, conducted passionately within the corridor of the human heart.

Nathan Katz, Jewish, Professor of Religious Studies, Florida International University: This is just what we need: a psychology based not on raw sex, or power, or fear, or mystical obscurantism, but on love and beauty. Here a skilled psychologist, artist and priest opens us to hopeful, enlightening and heretofore unanticipated possibilities. It is a book for all of us, professional and lay, western and eastern, sceptical and credulous.

More information available on: http://amidatrust.typepad.com/dharmavidya/

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