Canela Michelle Meyers, best selling author of “Right Here, Right Now Meditations”, kindly shared an excerpt from her book. From Chapter Six: Living Life by Feel – Emotional Intelligence:

Invitations to You Happening in Each Moment
This week’s invitation is to look at what is happening, in any moment, as an invitation to be present.

No matter what is happening, the moment itself will be full of reminders to support you to even more Presence…just look for them!

Even in the midst of some sort of uncomfortable kerfuffle – perhaps an argument with someone – stop in the middle of the happening and take a closer look. Feel whatever you are feeling, let go of the details dancing on the surface, look inside and open to the message that will be there – from you yourself to you yourself. This may not be easy and you CAN stop at any time and look and see what is really going on.

Life is made up of a series of events that we ourselves have maestro’ed into existence for the soul (no typo) purpose of living our lives to the fullest.

You don’t need to take my word for it. Check it out – look and see what messages you have orchestrated for yourself. The messages can come from anyone, anything, no one, and nothing….they all count. The point here is, to stop and receive these messages – to be there for your Self.

When the details that are happening are strong – emotions flying, loud discomfort…these will be the messages where you are really making the felt experience exaggerated so you will notice: “Hey, something is happening!” Rarely does it have to do with what it appears to be on the surface. Stop and feel yourself inside, open to receive the message/s from you, from life.

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