Through our awareness and actions, we gain the courage to change the things we can change; the serenity to accept the things we cannot change; and the wisdom to know the difference.

Dear friend,

our goal is to make you think about what happiness means for you; it is also to make you consider how the different variables (mentioned in the described happiness formulas) facilitate your joyful living. These are, in a nutshell, the main points emerging from our research:

– being happy is a choice we make right here and now, by living joyfully. It is not a place to reach in the future.
– there are ways we facilitate happiness, they can be summarized with the acronym AmAre: being Aware, Meditating, being Active, being Respectful, Eating properly.
– there are ways we measure subjective well-being and thinking about what such formulas mean for us, is even more important than the numbers we get out of them.
– we get happier by making other people happier, living joyfully starts from each of us, and materialize with shared happiness
– there are several “fringe” benefits to living joyfully, for example happier people are more sociable and energetic, more caring and cooperative, better liked by others, more likely to get married and stay married, to have wider social networks and receive support from friends, show more flexibility and creativity in their thinking, are more productive and work, are recognized as better leaders and negotiators, and so earn accordingly. They are more tenacious when times are not pleasant, have stronger immune systems, are healthier both physically and mentally, and live longer.

The eBook is distributed for free, what we would like you to consider to do:

– share this book with at least 8 friends, who are interested in living joyfully. Support the only Multilevel Happiness (MLH) program!
– share your opinion and input for future releases, by write us ( We look forward for additional material to add, etc.
– localize this eBook, and make it available in your native language. Some chapters may need to be expanded, some to be removed because not so relevant to your country. Please get in touch with us ( if you are interested.
– adapt this eBook, to fit specific purposes. Would you like to edit a “Happiness formulas for expats”, “Happiness formulas for sophomores”, etc? In this case, too, please get in touch with us (

And, above all, let’s take a big breath, and start living joyfully right here and now!


This “Letter to the reader” is an introduction to “Happiness Formulas. How to assess our subjective well-being? How to live joyfully in the 21st century?”. This free eBook can be downloaded from
or from the home-page of the Institute of subjective well-being: science of happiness .

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