Dhamma conference provides an opportunity to those of us in North America and around the world who have limited or no access to a Buddhist Temple or Dhamma Discussion group to take part in a live Dhamma Discussion. You are kindly invited to take part in this Dhamma Discussion Series.

The call-in instructions are easy, and even include free calling options:
1) Dhamma conference from Skype (totally free)

Call Skype number: +9900827048980674 to be a participant.

Please note that this Skype out number is completely free. Please ensure that you include the leading “+” when you dial this number using Skype‚Äôs Call Phones feature. (In most cases, depending on your e-mail client, you will be able to just click on the above Skype number and invoke the Skype call.)

2) Dhamma conference from a regular phone:

Calling from the USA/Canada call:
USA Phone# +1-201-793-9022
(long distance costs apply).

Conference Room/ID Number is : 8980674 (Participants using Skype may now be required to enter the Conference Room Number before entering the Security Code.) followed by # when prompted

Security Code: 342662 ( or DHAMMA) followed by # when prompted

Participant Commands:
*2 – Mute/Unmute your own line so other people can’t hear you talking

More information and download of previous Dhamma talks are available on: http://dhammaconference.org

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