“Tales of Everyday Magic: My Greatest Teacher” movie review – Hay House blog post
“Tales of Everyday Magic: My Greatest Teacher” is the inspiring, dramatized version of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s quest for his father. A must-see for everyone who loves Dr. Dyer’s books and seminars, and a great introduction to his life for people who are not yet very familiar with his work.

In this movie, Dr. Wayne Dyer takes the form of Dr. Ryan Kilgore, a college professor facing his own life challenges while searching for the father, Bob, who left him when he was a child. During his journey, Ryan becomes aware of the power of his life narrative in light of his relationship with, or lack of, his father. Ryan starts to search for his father in California, connecting the dots by meeting his father’s friends.

The importance of imagination and beliefs is present all across the movie, and it becomes more evident when we see how Ryan’s day-dreaming about his father impacts even his immediate body reactions. Also, the protagonist’s behaviour is constantly tense, proving there is more he has to confront in his life than his present situation.

Through a journey of searching, awareness, enquiry and – at the end – forgiveness, Dr. Kilgore / Dr. Dyer transforms his life from resentment against Bob to love and appreciation for being his teacher, in a meeting which happens on a different level than the conventional mind.

“Tales of Everyday Magic: My Greatest Teacher” trailer

I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for review purposes.

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