NLP Practitioner Course is ideal for HR and L& D professionals, coaches, team leaders and anyone who wishes to help other people in the organisation to raise their performance.

Personal development programme: NLP Practitioner Topics:
• Epistemology, the NLP model for how human beings know what they know
• Rapport building – achieving maximum responsiveness in people around you
• Calibration – reading non-verbal behaviour
• Representational systems – how we structure information in our head
Language models
• Hypnotic language patterning through the Milton Model
• Metaphors to stimulate the unconscious to assist the other peoples’ creative solutions
• The deployment of multiple verbal models for linguistic flexibility
Classic Code models and NLP processes for change
• Anchoring formats for building and maneuvering state
• Interventions for changing the structure of mental representations such as beliefs, phobias, etc
• TimeLine formats for collapsing past representations and metaphors
Working with the unconscious mind
• Eliciting and working with an involuntary unconscious signal
• N step reframing, the bridge pattern to create powerful change
• Understanding and utilising intention to deal with inconsistencies in life
• Parts integration to reduce conflict and create alignment
New Code NLP, the latest developments in NLP
• New Code change formats and models
The Practitioner ethics
• Doing what it takes within the ethical boundaries of the relationship
• Framing and dealing with expectations
• Understanding the distinction between content and process
• Ensuring increasing rapport between the conscious and unconscious mind

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