Lifespring training programs (Lifespring was a private company, founded in 1974) were discontinued, following legal cases and a backlash in public opinion. These are companies offering the training once offered by or based on Lifespring program”

Momentus (ACCD – Association for Christian Character Development)
Momentus (ACCD – Association for Christian Character Development) offers the following courses:
* Discovery Seminar,
* Breakthrough Training,
* Living In One Accord Workshop,
* Global Life Works,
* and Gap Youth Training)

Insight Seminars

Resource Realizations

The Great Life Foundation


The Impact Trainings;

Harmony Institute;

Spectrum Trainings;



M.I.T.T. (Mastery In Transformational Training);

Summit Workshops (Summit Organization by Paul Larsen)

Personal Dynamics (Choice Center in Las Vegas)

Millennium 3

Asia Works

Argentina Works

Chile Works


Life Learning Ecuador

Perú LifeSymphony


Líderes Visión Colombia

Personal Development Centers

Essential Education

Rising Star Communications

TLC — The Living Course

Humanus Institute


Impacto Vital

Leadership Academy (Sinton)

Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness

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