Chuck Hillig is a family therapist, who authored an “enlightenment quartet” a series of four books devoted to helping readers discover “pure consciousness”. The collection includes:

* Enlightenment for Beginners, Sentient Publications, ISBN 1-59181-040-X
* Looking for God, Sentient Publications, ISBN 978-1-59181-059-9
* Seeds for the Soul, Sentient Publications, ISBN 978-1-59181-062-9
* The Way IT Is, Sentient Publications, ISBN 978-1-59181-071-1

Chuck Hillig, in such “enlightenment quartet”, combines the mysticism of Eastern philosophy with the practicality of Western psychology. His writings are intended to be easily accessible and are light-hearted and practical in tone. Hillig has been a follower of the Indian guru Ramana Maharshi, and follows Maharshi’s nondualist teaching of the elimination of the distinction between the self and the not-self.

Chuck Hillig on Nonduality Street

Chuck Hillig: Stillnessspeaks video

Chuck Hillig video interview

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