Amida Trust is providing a skillful Buddhist Psychology Distance Learning Course.

These are the modules of the course:
Year One

Module One: Introduction to Buddhist Psychology
Unit one: Introduction to Distance Learning & Buddhist Psychology
Unit two: Meeting the world: basic mind models, Avidya as the fundamental problem
Unit three: Positive Therapy? How does Buddhist psychology offer a new approach to mental health?

Module Two: The Flow of Consciousness
Unit four: Models of the mind (2)
Unit five: Skandha Cycle (1) basic models of conditioning
Unit Six: Skandha Cycle (2) expanded models of conditioning and transformation

Module Three: Encountering the World
Unit seven: Four Noble Truths: facing reality
Unit eight: Working with skandhas; symbol & ritual
Unit nine: self-power, other power: non-self theory and liberation

Year Two:

Module Four: The therapeutic relationship
Unit ten: Beginning relationship; Buddhist diagnostics & opportunities for encounter
Unit eleven: A working alliance: ethics as conditions; vows, karma & opportunity
Unit twelve: Endings and transformation; the psychology of impermanence

Module five: Applications
Unit thirteen: working with compulsion & addiction
Unit fourteen: psychosis & altered states
Unit fifteen: Celebrating difference

Module Six: Life Paths
Unit sixteen: Life journeys and developmental psychology
Unit seventeen: Ancestry, families and history as conditions
Unit eighteen: Community and sangha, beyond individual psychology

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