Sparrow Deviyani Brulotte’s music awakens us with an open heart. In gratitude I remember, laugh, and embrace this wholeness of life.

Offering eclectic, intuitive, heartfelt music that fuses different styles and languages, and blends harmonies and dulcet tones. I enjoy drawing on music from diverse styles: from classical art songs, to celtic ballads, to 80s cover tunes. I write and perform conscious folk fusion music and offer other performances in the form of kirtan, intuitive singing, sound circles, mantra, and sound healing. As an accredited Music Therapist, Sound Healer, and Registered Yoga Instructor, I am constantly inspired by work with all kinds of people, young and young at heart.

During travels to India I was fortunate to study kirtan with teachers in Rishikesh, Varanasi and Dharamsala. I learned different forms and traditions and performed songs and kirtan while traveling with shaman Herbert Quintineros and sound healer Robert Coulson and others on the road. I have played and sung across Western Canada, most recently in Edmonton as part of ‘Hearts Afire’ with Isabelle Stahl and now in Vancouver with Lyle Povah. I have performed kirtan with Wade Morissette and collaborated with Chinmaya Dunster on my most recent mantra CD project. SOUNDevotion has just been released!

I am honoured and humbled to offer the grace of the healing properties of vibration and resonance. The gifts of music, chanting, singing and dancing are the bridges to move us to other levels of being. Music opens our hearts to see and live the changes in this world.

As reported on (Whistler Yoga Conference, June 4-6 2010, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada).

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