Shivani Howe

May 27, 2010

A native of New Zealand, Shivani Howe came into her career after she found herself needing to take a new approach to life. In 2001, she was diagnosed with advanced endometriosis, and began looking for alternative ways to relieve her body of this supposedly incurable disease. It was then she discovered the ancient philosophy of Yoga. The age-old art brought harmony to her life and body, and unraveled the stresses of her illness from its source.

Shivani possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Spatial Design from New Zealand’s Auckland University of Technology, with a major in Environmental Design and Project Management. She moved from New Zealand to North America in 2002 where she obtained formal certification as a Yoga Teacher from the Sananda Devi Yoga’s teacher training course in Toronto (500 hour registered course with the Yoga Alliance). Each year Shivani takes a pilgrimage back to India to further her training and perform seva (service) in Rikhia Ashram, India, where she has been initiated into the Satyananda and Sivananda Lineages as a Karma Sanyassin.

Upon completing her teacher training Shivani then designed Pura Luna, which started as a Yoga Teaching company and has rapidly expanded into Yogic Lifestyle Coaching and our Divine Art Company. Living in Vancouver, Canada she teaches clients how to unfold their inner wisdom, through yogic and ayurvedic principles, and implement these principles into everyday modern life. A life that promotes holistic health and harmony with the Universe.

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