Saskia Tait

May 27, 2010

Saskia started her journey into yoga when she was 14 years old, following a family trip to the Himalayan states of northern India. Following an undeniable intuition that she had much to learn from India, she journeyed there many times to live, travel, study and volunteer. An always-deepening love and appreciation of India propelled her to focus her undergraduate and graduate studies on the region — its religious and cultural forms and history, its social and ecological development challenges, and especially its ancient wisdom traditions. Following an intensive period of study with a siddha from the Nath lineage, Saskia started a daily personal practice of yoga and has cherished her transformative relationship with the path of yoga ever since. One of the most important gifts Saskia has benefited from in her relationship with India is a deep fascination with integrated approaches to living and change. Inspired by the holistic view embedded in all traditions of yoga, Saskia has sought ways to bridge the gap between the felt need for healthy and sustainable transformation in larger social structures with pathways of deep personal integration. Currently, this exploration is taking concrete shape in the form of a gap year program and school she is founding together with her husband, Shahar Rabi, and a small team of inspired educators and social change agents in Nova Scotia, Canada ( How can “coming home to yourself” shift the way that you choose to act, live, work and play in the world? Saskia has a Master’s degree in International Development and a B.A. (Honours) in International Development and South Asian Religion. She is a published author, applying integral models to a variety of topics including sustainable development, community development, ecology, consciousness studies and global issues. Saskia has lived and worked as a consultant for community-based and international development agencies in Canada, the US, the Netherlands, Bhutan and India. She has helped to teach the history and philosophy sections of World Conscious Yoga Family’s 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training courses in India.

As reported on (Whistler Yoga Conference, June 4-6 2010, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada).

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