Sarinda Hoilett

May 27, 2010

Sarinda founded Earth Wisdom Yoga and Bodywork at the base of Mt.Currie so that she could work at home while her kids run naked in their garden of eatin’. After deciding two children was enough, Sarinda birthed Wild Planet Raw Foods and moved off the Mat and Into the Kitchen.

Her aim is to continue to educate, inspire, and transform through highly vibrational food. Wild Planet Raw Foods offers workshops in raw living cuisine, conscious eating, and the yoga of food. Wild Planet Raw Foods also has a line of divinely infused, nutritionally super-charged raw gourmet foods available at Special Events and Farmers Markets in the Sea to Sky.

Sarinda will be introducing people to the Art and Alchemy of Raw Living Cuisine.

THE NAKED TRUTH – Our Food, Our Planet, Your Body, Your Temple.

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