Times to Meditate
There’s no one best time to meditate. Many people find it useful to get up a bit early and meditate before the pressures of the day mount up. They want to prepare for the day so that things go well. Other people like to meditate before going to bed in order to “unwind.” Both can work.
Some of us see ourselves as a “morning person,” and prefer to meditate before breakfast. Maybe it’s not a good idea for us to limit ourselves with these labels — “morning person” and “evening person.” Even those of us with allergies to mornings can benefit from getting up a little early. The beneficial effects of twenty minutes of meditation before hitting the streets usually far outweighs the benefits of another few minutes in bed.

You might even want to experiment with meditating during the day. You could try shutting the office door, taking the phone off the hook, and catching ten to fifteen minutes of relaxing and stimulating meditation.

Choosing a Time to Meditate
Probably the worst thing you can do is to tell yourself that you’ll just “fit it in” at some point. That point will probably never come. You need to decide when you’re going to meditate and stick to that time. If you plan your week, then plan your meditation into your week to make sure it happens. It’s too important to leave to chance.

Places to Meditate
It can be good to have a particular place to meditate regularly, and to make that place a little special, meaningful, and beautiful. You can do this by having some pictures that remind you of why you want to meditate – you could use spiritual imagery or scenes from nature. You can have candles and incense. The ritual of lighting candles is quite soothing and grounding, especially if you do it with mindfulness, and in a spirit of reverence.

How much time will it take to to Meditate?
The results you get from meditation depend on how intelligently and creatively you engage with the practice, as well as how long you spend doing it.

If you were to spend as little as ten minutes a day meditating, then you would notice some benefits. But if you meditate at least 20 minutes a day you will notice more than twice the benefits than from a 10 minute sit.

You might think that your day is already pretty packed, but there are two things to bear in mind. One is that if our minds were clearer and more focused through doing meditation, then we’d be more efficient in what we do. That would more than repay the time we’d invested in meditating. The second thing is that if we fit the important things in (those things that make a real difference to our lives), then somehow we manage to still get a lot done.

If we try to fit our meditation in around other less important things, then it won’t work. There’s an infinite amount of unimportant things to occupy our time. Well, those things seem important at the time we’re doing them, but that’s because anxiety makes unimportant things seem crucial. If you meditate, then you can have more of a realistic view of what is important and what is not. That’s a powerful change to come from 20 minutes a day.

Of course, once you see the benefits of meditating, you may well want to spend more than twenty minutes doing it. Maybe you will end up meditating twice a day, or once a day for as long as forty or fifty minutes, and you will still get more done than you did before you started meditating!

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