Bruce Lipton is working on a new book titled The Honeymoon Effect. The Honeymoon Effect is based on Bruce Lipton’s research, and workshops.

In October 2012, Bruce H. Lipton will be speaking in Denmark, about “The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth” and Saturday, “The Science of Personal and Global Transformation”. Quoting from one of his talks (courtesy of Moment 2 Moment blog) Lipton said “We are a reflection of light. We are filled with energy. We emit energy. Our energy brings us all the things that we manifest. We manifest disharmony when we move out of the honeymoon phase”.

Bruce Lipton says we can experience the honeymoon effect, with the Science of Creating Heaven on Earth, by:
– becoming aware of the state we are, harmony or disharmony
– perform a review of our subconscious mind
– reprogram our subconscious mind
– communicate what we are experiencing
– give ourselves time to change, old habits may continue to recur until the changes stick
– keep practising, until it becomes our nature

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