Australia ranked number one in OECD Better Life Index. The Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released the current results of its detailed survey of 24 indicators in 11 categories–ranging from civic engagement to environmental quality–across its member states.

These information are provided by Bloomberg:

Overall Rank: 1st
Population: 21 million
Highest Score: Community (9.6)
Lowest Score: Income (4.5)

The land Down Under is known for its relaxed lifestyle and strong cohesion. Australia has one of the highest scores in the world for community (measured by strength of social network) and civic engagement (measured by voter turnout and trust in public institutions). It also enjoys high ratings for health, safety, and environment. Australia scores less well in wealth and income, due to relatively low savings and a growing gap between rich and poor.

Overall Rank: 2nd
Population: 4.7 million
Highest Score: Environment, Life Satisfaction (tied at 9.2)
Lowest Score: Income (3.9)

Overall Rank: 3rd
Population: 304.2 million
Highest Score: Income (10)
Lowest Score: Work-Life Balance (5.7)

Overall Rank: 4th
Population: 9.2 million
Highest Score: Environment (10)
Lowest Score: Income (4.9)

Overall Rank: 5th
Population: 5.5 million
Highest Score: Life Satisfaction (10)
Lowest Score: Income (4.0)

Overall Rank: 6th
Population: 33.1 million
Highest Score: Safety (9.0)
Lowest Score: Civic Engagement (5.6)

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