Many of the beliefs we consider facts are really just things we wish were true–comforting ideas that we’re scared to release.

The world and people feel a lot safer when you think you have them pegged, but the truth is that there’s far more we don’t know than do know, and that will likely always be the case.

If we can let go of our need to know and be right, we can be amazed, inspired, motivated, challenged, and filled with wonder every day.

If we can accept that more often than not, there is no definite answer, we can connect through our collective vulnerability instead of separating through our individual understandings.

We are all in this together–in a world rife with unknowns.

Here’s to drawing one less unnecessary line in the sand today. Here’s to believing more in each other than in our interpretations of what’s true. Here’s to opening up to what’s possible instead of clinging to what seems probable.

Lori Deschene is the Founder of Tiny Buddha. Originally posted on:

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