Thomas Hubl – Wednesday, April 4, Vancouver
Birthing a New ‘We’

Centre for Peace, 1825 W. 16th Avenue, Vancouver, BC
To lead an awake, integral existence in the midst of daily life is one of the greatest challenges. How do we express the timeless wisdom and our insights of an alive, awake life in all our relationships, in our sexuality, with our children and our colleagues at work? How does awakeness turn into our daily practice and thus into our reality?

During this evening, Thomas Hübl will present four pillars that are crucial to his work:
Integration of unintegrated parts,
Connection to the future potential of life,
Transcendence into timeless ever-present consciousness, and
Being active in the market place of daily life.
Then, working extensively with both collective emergence and collective shadow work, Thomas will show how radical presence allows us to see what we don’t see. He reveals how a committed “Yes” to every moment to experience it in its fullness, and the courage to make a creative contribution to life, works towards an awakened society for all.

Tickets are $20 if pre-paid before April 2, 2012 or $30 after April 2 and at the door.

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