Norman Doidge, the author of “The Brain That Changes Itself”, will offert a free online seminar titled The Neuroplasticity Revolution and Its Implications for Health Practitioners. Topics he will cover:
* The Brain as We Now Know It
* Neuroplastic Approaches to Learning Disorders
* Advances in the Treatment of Stroke
* The Paradox of Plasticity
* How to Train the Brain to Stop Anxiety and Mental Obsessions

For more information, and for free registration, please visit: and

Norman Doidge MD is a Canadian-born psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, medical researcher, essayist, and author of the popular science book The Brain That Changes Itself.

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  • Jason Schwager says:

    That the brain exhibits changing geography fits with what the rest of nature does. The impediment has been our western idea ascribing machine like restriction. Thank you Norman.

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