Spiritual Seeker Book Swap allows to share inspiring books, without the need to buy them. Add the books you want to swap with other members on the website and receive points. With your points you can request books from other members on the website. Spiritual Seeker will email you when another member requests a book, all you have to do is accept the swap and mail the book. We will also email you when a book on your wish list becomes available. When you send a book you pay for the shipping, and when you request a book that member will reciprocate. Please only post books that are within the scope of this website. All books are welcome as long as they are considered positive to spiritual growth.

Each book you add is worth 1/10th of a point, if you list 10 books which will give you 1 point you can request a book even without having sent one. Books are swapped on a 1: 1 ratio. Each book you send is worth 1 point, each book you request will cost you 1 point. Notifying us that you have received a book will earn you a 1/10th bonus point; you can do this on the Member Home page by pressing the Received button in your Waiting to Receive Box. To summarize:
* Each book listed = +1/10th point.
* Send a book =+1 point
* Receive a book= -1 point
* Letting us know you received a book= +1/10th bonus point.

Join the Spiritual Seeker Book Swap on http://www.spiritualseekerbookswap.com/account/register

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