The Taos Institute newsletter provided a list of interesting works and research in the field of “Playing with Purpose: Relational and Performative Practices in Everyday Living”, which was also the leit-motiv of one of their latest events organised during a cruise-trip:

· Rocio Chaveste – Ancestral Knowledges/Collaborative Practices

· Sally St. George & Dan Wulff – On the Dance Floor – Relational Connections

· Dian Marie Hosking – (re)enchanting constructionism: unfolding processes, learning presence, making sacred worlds

· Danielle P. Zandee and Marijke Broekhuijsen – Igniting Change through Artistic Fire

· Tomomi Mikawa – Community engagement, home on the range with a community of animal co-therapists

· Gertina J van Schalkwyk – Dialogic Possibilities of Person-Music Interactive Systems: A Performative and Experiential Playshop

· Yvonne Sliep – Fear and Courage in the Limelight

· Sue Levin and Diana Carleton- Games for Building Relationships

· Deborah Harbinson – The HA! HA! Spa Laughter Circle

· JP Harris and Sheila Peters – The Implication of Dance

· Ken and Mary Gergen – Relationships as Improvisation

· Margi Ash Brown and Leah Mercer – Home – an improvisation of life

· W. Ellen Raboin – An inquiry into the meaning of health using human sculpturing

· Anne-Mette Korczynski – Boost Your Danish with Performance

· Sara London – Resident Artist on Board – Explore your creativity and imagination – Painting on Silk

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