Pinterest invites: How to get a Pinterest invite?
Your Pinterest invitation may be waiting for you 🙂 Just:

1) join our wellbeing newsletter (top right corner of this page, JOIN MONTHLY NEWSLETTER) using your email address.

2) and then post a message below, writing the first 5 characters of your email address used to join our newsletter. Please do not put the whole email address in the message below.

Ex.: Jane wants to join our newsletter and get an invitation. Her email address is What does she do? Simple!

Step 1) She checks the top-right side of this page, inserts her name and, and then clicks on JOIN MONTHLY NEWSLETTER.

Step 2) After confirming her newsletter registration, she posts a message below, writing: jane1

Within a couple of days, but often just within a few hours, Jane will get her Pinterest invitation on:

Important update: invitations are first came, first served. If there is a queue of friends waiting to be invited, then the waiting time can be longer. If the queue is short, then you may get invited right away. thanks for your understanding!

What is Pinterest?
Pinterest is an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you. Discover new things hand-picked by people who share your interests. Share your passions, share well-being tips, and have FUN!

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