The Peace Ambassador Training @ The Shift Network will be led by peace pioneer James O’Dea and include sessions with Deepak Chopra, Dot Maver, Aqeela Sherrills, Don Beck, Susan Collin Marks, Mirabai Bush and other peace leaders.

Quoting from the official description: This 16-week advanced course designed to take you along the peace continuum, from inner peace to international peace. First, we’ll take you into the heart of peace on an inner dimension – both from a scientific and spiritual perspective – and then across the continuum to the practical approaches of transforming conflict on the interpersonal, community, national and international levels.

Led by James O’Dea, the former President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the former Director of Amnesty International in Washington, DC, you’ll learn from someone who combines a deep understanding of the emerging “science of peace” with a depth and breadth of practical field experience in addressing human suffering of all kinds.

Peace Ambassador classes are conducted via conference calls on Wednesday nights at 5:00pm Pacific. The 90-minute classes are followed by optional 30-minute small group discussions where students engage one another to deepen their understanding of course content.

In addition, participants stay connected with James O’Dea, Shift Network staff and other participants throughout the course via a private online community forum, which offers a rich and safe environment for students to explore how to integrate the course content into their daily lives and their own peacebuilding endeavors.

The Peace Ambassador Training is also The Shift Network’s certification process for leaders in the Summer of Peace 2012, a global network of events and activities promoting the shift to a culture of peace. During the training, you will develop and hone a vision for how you can play a peacebuilding leadership role in this significant global event. We’ll also offer many ways for you to apply your skills through our broader network.

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