Korean Buddhist Sculpture Art and Truth is a comprehensive compilation of the results of author KANG’s more than twenty years of study of art history, it seeks a methodology of study for Korea’s art history based on a survey of the sculptures do Korea. This book includes writings that describe Buddhist sculptures from the Three Kingdoms period (57 B.C.- A.D.676) to the Unified Silla period (6-10 centuries A.D.), together with hundreds of plates. KANG examines the form of each sculpture, its style, and the technique used to manufacture it. He analyzes each work in depth in its synchronic and diachronic relations to other works of art. He thus lays the foundation for a chronological division of Korea’s art history and, in doing so, he attempts a complex artistic, religious, and historical interpretation of the symbolism of Korean works of art. In addition, he discloses the characteristics of Korean sculpture by comparing it with that of China and Japan.

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