Google for Nonprofits program offers several advantages to eligible nonprofits, including Google Adwords to raise awareness and financial resources to support the nonprofit’s causes. Some cause studies of successful users of the Google for Nonprofits program are offered on

Google for Nonprofits program benefits include:
* Google Grants: Free AdWords advertising to promote your website on Google through keyword targeting.
* YouTube for Nonprofits: Premium branding capabilities on YouTube channels, increased uploading capacity, the ability to select custom thumbnail images, and Call-to-action overlay on your videos.
* Google Earth Outreach Grants: Free licensing for Google Earth Pro, Google SketchUp Pro and Maps API Premier.
* Google Apps for Nonprofits: Free version of Google Apps for Nonprofits with fewer than 3,000 users, or a 40% discount ($30/user/year) on Google Apps for Business for organizations which have over 3,000 users.

You will also receive the following benefits regardless of whether you enroll in their exclusive product programs:
* Monthly Google for Nonprofits newsletter
* Access to our Google for Nonprofits online resources
* Special offers and events
* Access to online training material targeted towards nonprofits

To be eligible for the Google for Nonprofits program, organizations must meet our legal and policy guidelines and be headquartered in the United States.

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