Brain Food
Did you know your brain is over 60% fat? Our nutrition feeds our body and mind. You daily diet needs to consist of healthy fats for a strong and healthy mind. Our brain especially loves Omega-3 fatty acids found in leafy, green vegetables, walnuts, almonds and fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, anchovies and mackerel. In addition we should be supplementing with a fish oil, or my new favourite krill oil. Aim for 1000 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per day and give Nature’s Way EFA Gold Krill oil a try.

Goji berries
Goji berries have sometimes been described as “red diamonds” for their characteristic shape and color. Goji has been used in traditional Asian medicine for hundreds of years to help restore and maintain balance and harmony in the body. They are truly a super food, low in fat, rich in fiber and protein. I love adding goji berries to my drinking water and oatmeal in the morning. Choose organic when possible.

Guest post courtesy of Karlene Karst, RD, leading expert in nutrition and natural medicine. She is the coauthor of the national bestseller Healthy Fats for Life and author of The Metabolic Syndrome Program and her newly released Belly Fat Breakthrough. These are all part of Karlene’s efforts to encourage people to get “back to the basics” of nutrition. Karlene holds a BS in Nutrition from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada and is a registered dietitian. Karlene is a highly sought-after, enthusiastic, and passionate individual who is a frequent guest speaker at educational events, radio and tv shows around North America. Karlene is a mom to two young boys, Luca and Matteo and resides in beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada. Her website is:

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