Tim Ward, author of What the Buddha never taught, has a talk and booksigning on Thursday, February 10 at 7:00 pm at the Vancouver Public Library on 350 W. Georgia.

Tim Ward presents the 20th anniversary edition of this now-classic work, What the Buddha Never Taught, with a new forward by Wade Davis, author of The Wayfinders. Davis describes Tim Ward’s Journey thus: “Tim’s journeys took him not only to Asia, but into an inner world of spirit and faith. He has lived on the streets of India, pursued the Dharma in Himalayan monasteries, and joined the community of monks at Wat Pah Nanachat in the jungles of Thailand-a commitment detailed with such humour, honesty and grace in What the Buddha Never Taught”.

Tim Ward is also the author of Arousing the Goddess: Sex and Love in the Buddhist Ruins of India, Savage Breast: One Man’s Search for the Goddess, and The Great Dragon’s Fleas (his search for living Bodhisattvas). Tim Ward’s stories have appeared in thirteen anthologies, including Best Travel Writing 2006 and 2010. Now living in Washington, D.C., Tim still travels to South and East Asia several times a year, thanks to his work as an international communications consultant for economic, environmental, and development organizations.

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