His Holiness the Dalai Lama said that.

And something inside me recognizes the truth of this.

It’s true. I know it. Deep in my bones.

This is the mission that the western woman has been given.
Yes, it’s huge.

Here in the west we live in absolute privilege, absolute abundance.
We have the means.
We have everything.
Everything has been given to us.

And as female embodiments we carry the void within our physical structure.
The empty fertile space through which creation happens.
Our wombs.
We hold all of creation here.

And we don’t try to save the world.
We save the world through being our true self.
Through being this living Presence that we are.
Through being aware of our innate abilities and power,
the gifts that we given by God,
the Source of everything.
Through being aware of our Source.

And that’s why we meet.
In satsang. In Women’s satsang. With friends.
Not to change the world.

To be here as an anchor of Presence.

Not trying to be an anchor.
Just fully conscious of the Presence that we are.
And our connection to our Source.

And here as this that we were created to be, this that we are,
we have conscious choice.
We can consciously choose what we create.
We can choose to create a world of love, harmony and beauty.
A world of peace.
Heaven on Earth.

It’s our choice.

It’s our birthright.

Thank you to the lovely women who joined me for satsang last night in Burnaby.
We know our mission.
And thank you to all the women who also know this mission deep in their bones and have said ‘Yes!’ to it.

Anchors of Presence.

Moni Vangolen hosts weekly satsangs in Vancouver. With Eckhart Tolle’s love and blessings, Moni now functions as a guide of Presence. Her gatherings, Meeting As Stillness, are devoted to spiritual realization: being aware of being this awake, alive, radiant consciousness. You can connect with her on: http://www.livingpresence.ca/

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