Neurosky mindwave and Emotiv Epoc are the leading EEG headsets for the consumer market. If you compare Neurosky mindwave vs Emotiv Epoc, some differences are evident:
NeuroSky Mindwave and MindSet use inexpensive dry sensors, and has built in electrical “noise” reduction software/hardware. NeuroSky devices are powered by a maximum of 3 dry sensors. It is the least expensive EEG device to ever be produced, and can be used both as an education and entertainment device.
Emotiv Epoc, manufactured by Emotiv Systems, has 14 electrodes. The headset must first be “trained” to recognize what kind of neural activity equates to a specific bodily action. It can measure four categories of inputs, including emotions like “Excitement”, “Engagement/Boredom”, and “Frustration”.

If you want to experience some of the opportunities offered by Neurosky mindwave and Emotiv Epoc, even before buying one or both of them, you can use Mind WorkStation (free trial, and 10% discount on purchase) and Neuro-Programmer (free trial, and 10% discount on purchase) which are available both as Neurosky mindwave app and Emotiv Epoc software.

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