Neuromarketing is neuroscience applied to marketing. Using EEG and PET, neuromarketing specialists identify the level of attention and involvement of their consumers’ panel. Neuromarketing can be focused on web-services, retailing, political messages, etc.

Neuromarketing software and hardware
You can test the potential of neuromarketing by yourself, simply using the consumer versions of EEG technologies and professional software. Including:
Mind WorkStation: Graphing features allow you to easily chart any part of the neuromarketing session and also data coming in from biofeedback mechanisms. An intuitive interface makes this a simple and powerful tool for personal and professional research. Extensive graphing features are included. Both 3D and 2D are supported. You can easily zoom in or move the graphing area. In 3D you can rotate or affect the 3D depth.
Emotiv EPOC has 14 electrodes (compared to the 19 electrodes of a standard medical EEG, and the single electrode of most competitors). Emotiv EPOC can measure changes in attention level of your marketing panel.
NeuroSky MindWave adapts electroencephalography (EEG) and electromyography (EMG) technology to fit a consumer market such as marketing research.

Overview of neuromarketing research
The benefits of neuromarketing

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Palokangas, L. Measuring the Willingness To Purchase using methods of neuromarketing. Thesis, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, 2010

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