Neale Donald Walsch is offering a free Conversations with God online seminar.

Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch

Announcing “The 3 Secrets to Ending the Struggle and Making Your Life Work” Free Global Event with Neale Donald Walsch

Join bestselling author and spiritual messenger Neale Donald Walsch as he addresses his largest global audience ever in the 17 years since Conversations with God was published. In this event, he’ll reveal how to end feelings of emptiness, separation or hopelessness by sharing a simple paradigm shift and 3 simple steps.

Even if you’ve read the Conversations with God books, or you’re one of the 50,000 participants of a past online seminar, the insights Neale will be covering are the most powerful of the many new insights he’s discovered from his own continuing conversation with God.

During this free global gathering, you will learn how you can:
Effortlessly awaken to a happier, more centered and fulfilling life
Free yourself forever of that dark cloud of grief that rains on every step
Engage each day with renewed purpose, vigor and excitement, because now you know exactly who you are, why you’re here, and you know you matter!
Welcome deeper, more authentic and fulfilling relationships… because the truths you are about to awaken to will literally overhaul your life and call in all that reflects Love and Truth
Know and communicate with Divine Guidance in your everyday life, confident that you are always supported, never alone, and fully connected!

These can sound like big promises. But consider that a man, broken by loss, homeless and wandering without purpose… stumbled through his despair into his own conversation with God and the “everyday miracles” described above.
Consider that he has led millions down that same path into their own connection with the Divine. He provides clarity, simplicity, and gentle understanding. So please do not sell yourself on the idea that you are so different, so lost or hopeless, that you cannot experience the same transformation. Even if it might feel that way for you today or any day, it simply isn’t true.

Will you join us? Then sign up for free on

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  • Annik says:

    What a beautiful blessing & offering! Many thanks, Neale!!

    In Gratitude & Blessings,

  • June says:

    This sounds like information everyone could use. I will not be available to join at that time. Will there be a transcript that can be read afterward?

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