In Megabrain, Michael Hutchison captured the drama, excitement, and adventure as we finally begin to comprehend the source of human culture, our still untapped reservoir of power and skills.

While neuroscience has been making giant’s steps since Megabrain publication in 1996, the applications outlined by Michael Hutchison are still developing: techniques to regenerate brain cells; trigger specific brain states such as euphoria, long- and short-term memory, sexual excitement, and creativity; and control the brain’s electrical activity in order to alter such “involuntary” mechanisms as blood pressure, heart rate, and the secretion of hormones. Megabrain is a lucid and lively account of where the pioneers in brain research are headed, and where we may be going with them.

Back to the present days, you can now test-drive some of these megabrain’s applications at home on Mind WorkStation (free trial, and 10% discount on purchase) and Neuro-Programmer (free trial, and 10% discount on purchase).

Michael Hutchison also wrote “Mega Brain Power”.

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