This is Lama Zopa Rinpoche teaching schedule, as published on

February 5 – 14 at Amitabha Buddhist Centre, Singapore
5 – 6 Medicine Buddha initiation
8 – 10, 12 Teaching on Lama Tsongkhapa Guru Yoga (continuation from last year)
14 Namgyälma initiation

February 26 Teaching on the Three Principles of the Path at Tse Chen Ling, California, USA
27 Medicine Buddha initiation

March 12 – 13 and 19 Transmission of the long version of the Sutra of Golden Light (this is the first time Rinpoche has given this lung!) at Gyalwa Gyatso Buddhist Center, California, USA
20 White Tara long life initiation

April 2 – 30 Teaching on Bodhicaryavatara and Heruka, Yamantaka, Guhyasamaja and Rinjung Gyatsa initiations in retreat hosted by Atisha Centre, The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion and Thubten Shedrup Ling Monastery, Bendigo, Australia

May 3 – 4 Teaching and initiation at Buddha House, Australia

May 15 Stupa consecration at De-Tong Ling, Australia

May 20 – 24 at Vajrayana Institute, Australia
20 Public teaching: Wholesome Fear: Transforming Anxiety about Impermanence and Death
21 Vajrasattva initiation
22 – 23 Teaching on the Benefits and Practice of Purification
24 White Mahakala initiation

May 27 – June 6 at Potowa Center, Indonesia
May 27 – 29 and June 3 – 5 Commentary on Lama Chöpa (continuation from last year)
June 1 Public teaching: Cultivating Happiness: Big Heart, Peaceful Mind

June 17 – 26 Teaching, long life initiation and trek hosted by Lawudo Retreat Centre, Nepal

July 17 Teaching on Kalachakra Six Session Guru Yoga organized by Guhyasamaja Center, Washington, D.C., USA

September 1 – 5 Joy of Compassion retreat at Tubten Kunga Center, Florida, USA
4 Chenrezig jenang

September 8 Teaching at Kadampa Center, North Carolina, USA

September 10 – 25 Light of the Path retreat, including a long life initiation, North Carolina, USA

November Teaching for part of the one-month course at Kopan Monastery, Nepal

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