Shaina, an Amazon Kindle indie author, talks to us about her new book, “Crowded (Deep River High)”.

“I’m 24 and attend college. I have OCD and Asperger’s, sometimes I get vertigo. Had it really bad today actually. I”m better though.

I went to youth group and I believe baptism is required for salvation but don’t like to push it on others. My church is church of Christ, but we have musical instruments and I loved Christian rock since I was a teen. Although I didn’t realize baptism was required for salvation back then but I thought I was a Christian and went to youth group. I think ear to shoulder length hair is short on a guy and short enough for a guy and think it’s okay for it to be a little longer so I put that in there. It’s not really so much the actual length of hair that matters to God anyway, especially for a guy.

I wrote this book because I love teens and young adults and want to bring them to or closer to God. I try to be culturally relevant, though my books tend to go to extremes.

Cole is very socially awkward and has flaws but really wants to live for God. He really is only mean when provoked and I love Josh dearly, but Josh Summers knows how to get under a person’s skin. Cole is very honorable in that he has a job and doesn’t expect Emily to pay for their meals when they go out. Men are supposed to be the protecters and providers, and Cole fits that perfectly. Cole isn’t obsessed with his looks and he isn’t popular in school. A lot of people hate him, but start to care more about him when they realize how mean Josh is to him. Josh is only like this because he’s tormented inside and wants Emily. Both boys are remorseful when they do something wrong but they fight each other like crazy.

There are a alot of Coles as far as family situation and being bullied goes. I don’t think most teens go around sexting though. Cole is probably nicer than most people, except for when he prints out a Facebook page that is just hateful towards Josh Summers and emails it to Emily in order to win her back and her parents’ trust back. Not everyone’s that mean.

I think Kindle publishing is good and I go on the Voice of the Author Forums on there and use twitter and Facebook”.

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