Ryan and Melanie, a Calgary husband and wife, blog about making love at least 5 times a week. Inspiring or a sex-marathon? 🙂

Quoting Jeremy Nolais on http://www.metronews.ca/calgary/local/article/780203–blogging-260-days-of-marital-sex

A Calgary husband and wife are in the midst of documenting a daunting challenge likely to make even the most liberal lovers ache in empathy.

Intimacy had always been a point of contention for Ryan and Melanie since the two were married nearly eight years ago.

The couple asked that their last name be withheld and that Melanie’s first name be altered to avoid workplace conflict.

As Ryan puts it, they were faced with an “imbalance in sex drives.”

“I was ready to go most of the time,” he said. “While her words, exactly, were, ‘I could probably do it once a year and be happy.’”

Finally, some excitement was found when the two discovered a book detailing a couple’s quest to have sex for 101 consecutive days.

“It was highly motivational,” Ryan said.

And thus the intercourse expedition began.

Starting Jan. 1, the couple, both 30 years of age, began engaging in sex five times a week, all the while documenting the pains and pleasures — Kama Sutra iPad apps and candle-wax massage included — online at 260days.ca.

Melanie says they have never been closer.

“The more that we do it, the less taxing it has become,” she said. “It was about figuring out there were certain things I needed and certain things he needed.”

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