You’re already beautiful

January 9, 2012

People are obsessed with change. We get surgery and go on crazy diets to look better. We are insecure about ourselves and filled with anxiety. We don’t trust ourselves and instead rely on others.

We aren’t satisfied with ourselves. We are always striving to become better, to achieve perfection that doesn’t exist.

No one is perfect and yet everyone is perfect.

We all make mistakes. We all aren’t good at things. We all have hurt loved ones and done things we regret. We are imperfect.

It’s the things that combine to make you you that make you beautiful. You are a complex creature. You are different than everyone else. And that makes you perfect. As long as you are you, and you don’t hurt others, you are perfect. You are the way you are supposed to be. You’re beautiful.

So why make changes? Firstly, you need to make this change: contentment. Contentment with yourself and who you are.

When you are content, then you can make changes. You aren’t making changes to fill some gap of imperfection, but to improve your life.

You can be happy right now, but things are easier if you make some changes. Getting enough sleep and exercising, for example are great things to do to feel better.

But you are changing because you want to. Not because you feel imperfect. Understand that as long as you are yourself and are compassionate to others, you are beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Guest post by Jake O’Callahan

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