It is well known now that illness is the physical manifestation of resistance in the body. A misalignment between our energy being and our physical being. This became so apparent to me a few years ago after I ended up having an operation. Now, I don’t get ill…period! I have not had a cold, flu or any other form of sickness in over 12 years and yet 3 years ago I was racked with pain, unable to even get out of bed.

To explain why, I need to take you back a way. I have been a single parent of 4 children for 14 years and in the beginning, I started out with no qualifications, no apparent skills but just a burning desire to survive and provide my children the best quality of life I could provide.

I found myself in temporary roles in finance and decided to train properly. Well within 8 years I had soared through many accounting positions from Sales Ledger Clerk to Finance Manager and gaining heaps of confidence on the way, as I realised I was a born leader. This lead me to creating and managing a large department for a firm in London but also meant I was now working 56 hours a week, getting up at 5.30am and not getting home until 6.30pm. My life had become a treadmill, I could only work and sleep having no energy for anything else, even for my children. I had for a long time felt like a caged animal trapped in this existence because that was all I was doing, existing not living.

Through my career I had begun to see a pattern, as my roles moved to contract roles and each new firm I worked for always brought to me people who needed my help. Not just in work but in their own development and I found myself at my happiest helping others turn their lives around. So it was getting increasingly more frustrating to be in the career I was in, when I was so clearly being shown (which I realise now) that my path was on a different journey.

Anyway, I started to develop a pain in my pelvis near my spin but ignored it, thinking it was the chairs I had at work, or that I was doing too much power walking. This went on for a few months, as I was too busy with work to go and see a doctor. Eventually, I was at work one day and the pain started to get much worse, no matter which way I walked, sat there was no getting away from it and I ended up having to get a taxi home and spent a week in bed not able to stand, dosed up on morphine.
The doctor diagnosed a severe form of Endometriosis putting pressure on the nerves next to my spine, this required a hysterectomy quickly! Using my crystals I set about healing myself straight after the operation and was home in 24hours and back at work in 3 weeks!

The week in bed was the Universes way of making me stop. I realised just how miserable I was in my life, no time for my beautiful children, no social life, no desires being fulfilled and exhausted. I began to reflect on the journey of my career and realising that this was one of those occasions when the

Universe needed to slap me in the face! (It happens a few times!) I had become so out of alignment with my energy being, focusing on the lack and thus moving into a lower vibrational energy. The constant force of this resistance within me; not being who I was truly was meant to be, built into physical manifestation.
It finally sank in and although I went back to work, I began to study at home into the profession that was in alignment with where I needed to be. It really was a wake up call for me and I now teach people how to recognise when they are in resistance and how to release it.

Anytime you find yourself (and I am sure my story has resonated with many of you) just existing, stop! This is not why we are here and it does not allow us to be the shining magnificence we are meant to be.

We are here to live in abundance, having life experiences that always fulfil our passion. All while you exist, live your life for others or through others you will always be out of alignment with your source energy. When you are out of alignment, you cause resistance and this resistance if left WILL manifest into physical conditions.
When you learn to align, connect and awaken your energy being, when you live for your passion you will live in happiness, love and abundance and this will reflect in your physical well being.

I haven’t been ill since this event and have even cured myself of chronic asthma, you just have to get out there…live and love life!

Edel O’Mahony is UK’s Leading Law Of Attraction Strategist, Transformational Speaker, Leader, Mentor, Trainer, Qualified Coach

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  • Catherine says:

    Hi Edel, wow, what an amazing story, I can so relate to this. I find you so very inspiring and in the short time we’ve known each other, I feel I’ve learned so very much and you taught me how precious life is and how vital it is to be in alignment with what you want. Since we met at your launch day, I feel I’m really going after things now and am absolutely starting to realise what my passions really are so thank you and I look forward to sharing some great stories with you in the coming year. This is gonna be my year for sure!
    Hugs and best wishes
    Catherine 🙂 xx

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