Philosophy has been a remarkable, noble quest for truth. It sometimes degraded into the love of hearing oneself talking, with wordly books written trying to articulate an all inclusive, absolute truth. Never mind that, with an elusive essence of life, the more it is said, the less it is understood.

May we declare the end of armchair philosophy? The end of heavy, long, boring monologues. The rise of  appliedsophy, where words are kept to what is necessary for the people taking part in the conversation? The start of applying approaches, not iron-rules, to opportunities and questions in daily life.

As we see in this old Monty Python’s sketch, appliedsophy would have succeed even where wordly philosophy failed 🙂 For the one’s in a hurry, or who are not familiar with the European football… ehm soccer of the ’70, feel free to skip directly at the Eureka moment of the 3rd minute, when philosophers realize the need to stop their soliloquies and keep their eyes/feet on the ball.

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