When it comes to eating well, simplicity is best.

You don’t need to worry about contradictory information. You don’t need to diet. And you don’t need to starve yourself

Instead focus on these three rules. Follow them, and you will eat well.

1. Eat slowly

It takes time for your body to realize how full it is. If you eat fast, you eat more.

So take your time while eating. Sit down. Savor the food and drink water between bites. Eating is more enjoyable this way, and you will eat less.

At first, you must consciously do this. You must tell yourself to eat slowly. From time to time, you may forget and eat fast. This is okay. As you practice, it becomes easier and more enjoyable. Eventually eating slowly will become a habit.
2. Eat till almost full

In western culture we tend to stuff ourselves. And society encourages eating more and more with large potion sizes.

Opt out. Eat to you’re comfortable nourished. Don’t overeat, and when in doubt, eat less. Order less than you think you can consume, eat out less (thus avoiding large portion sizes), and split large portions with others.

Getting used to eating less is hard. At first, you should monitor yourself. Force yourself to stop eating when you’re reasonable full. Understand that even if there is good food in front of you now, there will always be more good food. Savor the food you have – go for quality rather than quantity.
3. Eat as natural as possible

Natural food is healthy while most artificial, processed food is unhealthy – full of bad ingrediants, fat and sugar. Put simply, much of what comes in a package or container is bad for you; most food you can find outside – in nature – is good for you.

Eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, tofu, beans, whole grains, and fish. Avoid (as much of possible) processed food. This rule alone will cut out nearly all junk. Instead you are only left with essential, healthy food.

Slowly remove artificial food from your house and add healthy natural food. As you wean yourself from artificial food, your tastes change. You will find that natural food tastes great too.

Guest post by Jake O’Callahan

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