Free online PTSD Continuing Education Courses are provided by the National Center for PTSD, which also grants Free CEU Credits.

Courses include:
What is PTSD? (CE)
Assessment (CE)
Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapies (CE)
Recommendations for Acute Stress Management and Prevention of PTSD
Couples and PTSD (CE)
Group Therapy(CE)
Increasing Effectiveness of PTSD Treatments (CE)
Overcoming Barriers (CE)
Cognitive Processing Therapy
Comorbidities and Complications
Anger, Aggression and PTSD
Physical Health Effects (CE)
Smoking Cessation (CE)
Substance Abuse (CE)
Traumatic Brain Injury (CE)
Specific Populations
PTSD and the Life Course
Aging and PTSD
Race and Ethnicity
Cross-Cultural Considerations (CE)
African-American Veterans (CE)
Asian American & Pacific Islander Veterans (CE)
Hispanic Veterans (CE)
Military Issues
Combat Stress Injuries (CE)
Military Culture (CE)
Military Sexual Trauma (CE)
Special Topics
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and PTSD
Epidemiology of PTSD
Resilience to Stress and Trauma

All free online PTSD Continuing Education Courses are available on

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