Amare and Aware

January 15, 2010

Thanks to Afurahå at Changemakers for these thought…

“We love happiness. In Swahili, happiness is often translated as a name that i have heard very often, thanks to the willingness of my sisters to to name my nephew Afurahå.  One thing i’d like to offer. As it stands,  AmAre is very powerful,  yet, I find it very interesting that the ‘M’ for ‘meditation’ has no parenthesis. May i suggest to also use  A.W.A R.E.  as in:

A – Aware (Observation)
W – Wisdom (Meditation)
A – Active (Creation/Life)
R – Respect (Mirror-Mind)
E – Eating (Environment)

Thanks for hearing me, through to the end of a new beginning. We are one!”

Thanks to you for sharing your insights, and for mentioning wisdom, which is much more than knowledge. Only one letter changed, still a big message delivered with this contribution!

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